“Engineering is about the best change you can make given the resources available.”

Leverage almost 20 years of experience with the last 10+ years focused on empowering and enabling Enterprise Security Operations teams grow and mature their tools, processes and skills.

We walk the walk

Our approach involves generating quick value and gradually enabling your team to continuously design and execute. All that based on the baggage accumulated over the years designing and deploying SIEM content for cybersecurity teams.

How can we can help?

What drives a new and high-value detection?

After getting your SIEM up and running, the value from it is determined by how good and well defined the use cases are. The challenge is where to start. Here’s what defines our vision for approaching this problem:

A Research-Driven process applied to Threat Detection Engineering Inputs

Detection Engineering & Threat Hunting

Hunting for cyber threats is no easy task, it requires not only domain knowledge in cybersecurity but also deep knowledge in data analysis. Add automation to that and you have Detection Engineering.

The dotted lines between Threat Hunting and Detection Engineering

Use-Case-Driven Workshops & Training

SPL™ fluency empowers users to quickly slice & dice data which is at the core of threat hunting. Writing new detections is a continuous process. Get in touch to know about must-have use cases for detection engineers and threat hunters and how we can deliver those while enabling your team.

Want to know more about our secret sauce? Happy to schedule a call and introduce our portfolio!