Are you ready to listen when data speaks?

Our mission is to help your team extract the value of the investment in SIEM & EDR technologies. At the end of the day, after those platforms are up and running, there’s little to no value from out-of-the-box content. You need customization to go to the next maturity level.

Do you need help starting a Threat Detection program?

Where to start given the insane volume of data available? Which data sources do provide the best cost/benefit ratio? Leverage years of field experience and unlock those insights quickly without wasting more time and resources.

Opstune started as a small project (SPL.Ninja) from a former Splunk employee to become a boutique consultancy firm focused on tailor-made SIEM/EDR content for enterprise SecOps teams.

Check out our Services page to know more about our portfolio. Customers include:

  • Financial / Banks
  • Telecom providers
  • Oil & Gas (OT/ICS)
  • Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP/MDR)