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We are a small but rapidly growing team of passionate professionals with a wide range of skills and experience in all sorts of Splunk integrations, custom app development and content engineering.

Alex Teixeira

Splunk and Cyber Security SME

Alex has almost 20 years in Infosec with last 6 years consulting for enterprise SecOps teams (SOC/MSSP/CSIRT) on how to leverage Splunk for Security Use Cases, especially Threat Detection.

Career includes leadership roles in Security Architecture, Engineering and Operations. He was a team lead in multiple SOC teams, including Verizon’s Global SOC and Brazil’s Stock Exchange. Besides Computer Science, he also holds a post-degree in Computer Forensics.

He became a freelancer after exciting times at Splunk where he has worked as a Senior Security Consultant for 2 years, earning the “EMEA Top Sales Contributor FY’16” award.

As a Brazilian, he enjoys “rodízio” and playing samba percussion in a German group called Chocobranco.

Alex can be reached at:

Attila Peter

DevOps and Security Engineering SME

Attila is a freelance IT professional with 20+ years of experience in various industries and companies ranging from large to mid-size corporations as well as start-ups.

Witnessing the transformation of the technology landscape over the years, Attila turned focus towards areas that has been leading this transformation.

Most prominent ones are cloud, containarization, k8s, microservices, Splunk Enterprise + integrations, Ansible, NodeJS, Angular, CI/CD with common git service providers (Gitlab, Bitbucket).

Holding a degree in both math and physics, Attila has a genuine interest in natural sciences and analytics. Attila is also fluent in Hungarian, English and German. He is a passionate amateur musician, playing blues and jazz on his guitar.

Attila can be reached at:

Ferry Dongelmans

Splunk and Security Operations SME

Ferry has many years of experience working in the security domain dating from 2005, combined with a background in system and network administration starting in 1999. He has worked within the financial industry, but also for different Government organizations, like the Dutch NCSC.

Last 5 years working in multiple roles as Senior and Lead roles in Security Operations with focus on SOC engineering and SIEM content design for threat detection on multiple platforms, including Splunk and ArcSight.

He is fluent in SPL and other computer languages, with multiple Splunk and Cyber Security certifications. He also enjoys traveling, flying his drone and photography.

Ferry can be reached at

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